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Whatever ails you at whatever time of day or year, has a cause that is within you, and  thus can be healed, modified or rectified by you alone, once you’re aware of why you feel the way you do.

Our intense emotional discomfort frightens us because it makes us feel so bad.  And we worry that because we can’t resolve our problem, we can’t change the bad way we feel.  But whilst this powerless feeling is strong enough to make us believe it has power, it speaks through our egotistical mania that survives through us, and that perpetuates our own fear of self or unknown.

Thereby, because we believe what we fearfully think, we root ourselves to the very places of discomfort we’re trying to escape from!

But this process can be changed permanently and immediately when you perceive your thinking mind as an assortment of personalities that you can either believe and trust, or just ignore.  The choice is yours, always!

So when you hear yourself talking about how bad you feel, which of course you do, tell that personality to quieten and ask for a more positive part of your personality to step forward and console you. One that can encourage you to believe that you are strong, healthy, competent and successful. And that you will survive to live your dreams and get to experience what true love really feels like!


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There’s so much conflict in life to agitate us nowadays, that most of us are feeling the effects of stress one way or another. Common symptoms range from feeling irritated, agitated, sad, anxious or angry a lot of the time, to the more severe symptoms associated to panic attacks, depression, phobias, and addictions that are used to cope with negative feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Most of the time it’s feelings associated to vulnerability and powerlessness that cause our stress levels to soar.  Where once we start to become aware of the stress warning signals we are receiving from our symptoms, we often believe that as we are worrying about something we feel we have no power over, then the same thing applies to our stress.  Meaning we feel unable to change the way we
feel because we can’t change our problem – which I can assure you is definitely
not true!

The reality is that life is, and always will be challenging to us, because it is uncontrollable.  As whilst we can convince some people to follow us and our way, we can’t control everyone and everything in our life, just to suit our needs and desires. So isn’t it about time that we took control of how we react, and started to consider the implications of what we are doing to ourselves and our lives?

Since the beginning of time life has been about survival. And even though we’ve millions of years of historical data to refer to, to help us identify positive strategies to sustain life, when we face challenges today we’re still using the old negative fight and flight emotions as leverage to prompt our evasive actions. This means because we’re under so much personal stress, our actions and reactions are often distorted and motivated by fear, justification or defensiveness. Where we live a war-like existence based on concepts around survival of the fittest or most aggressive, replicating ways used by ancestors who also struggled to manage their lives. But this attitude didn’t always work for them and I don’t think it’s going to work for us either!

The problem is we are indoctrinated with a false truth about our human reality, and if we blindly follow old patterns of behaviour we will repeat unwanted challenges and experiences that make us distressed and unhappy. So it’s logical to recognise that if we want our life to be better and to contain fewer unnecessary problems, then we have to start doing things differently! And if we want to feel our real power of self, the first thing we need to recognise is that our feelings and thoughts are ours alone! As although external factors may prompt certain feelings and thoughts to rise within us, we are the controller of them and not them us, as we make the decision about how we are going to conduct ourselves when facing conflicting emotions!

We also decide consciously or unconsciously what thoughts and emotions remain to guide, hurt, console, encourage, or destroy us.  And it’s not until we get that reality ingrained in our mind that we can stop being afraid of our fearful emotions, and start to create a constructive positive mind-frame that encourages our positive problem solving creativity to surface. Meaning we can choose what strategies will work best for us and our situation, and because we feel more in control, our stress levels will reduce!

The choice of how we conduct our personality can only be our own.  We can hide from our problems and feelings for ever if we choose to.  But that also means we hide our strengths away within our weaknesses.  And whilst it’s uncomfortable to be locked into the darkness of our despair, it’s only by forcing ourselves to rise
through that darkness, that we eventually discover how to find our strengths that will lead the way to the light of our true soul personality!

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