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I don’t know about you, but I can definitely feel an energy change occurring. It sort of feels like an external to me quickening. Now I realise that universal energy and my energy are the same thing, albeit vibrating at different rates.  But because I’m a physical, conditioned human being, anything that is perceived as outside of my physical body, is automatically and naturally perceived as external to me! Until I challenge and correct this misconception!

Because I’ve worked with my energy system for many years, I’m not going to allow myself to worry about any prophesised events that may or may not be occurring to our world; as none of us really know what’s going to happen until the time has come and gone! However, my energy is my energy, and thus my responsibility. So I am concerned about the physical reaction my energy will have to the quickening universal energy! Also, how I will cope with it mentally and emotionally!

I already physically feel this energy change inside of me, mainly in my root, solar plexus and heart chakras; but also in my head. Which I’m assuming is caused by the transitional effects on our crown and higher chakras.  Emotionally, this rapid energy feels like anxiety and panic, where mentally, during times I feel compelled to run, scream or freak out,  I have to control my impulse fight and flight reaction by reminding myself that all is well, I am safe. And the whole world is not collapsing around me – even though that’s what it’s starting to feel like!

You could say I feel this way because I’m worrying about things I’ve got going on in my life at the moment.  Which wouldn’t be an unreasonable assumption!  However, there are too many people experiencing so many problem issues, that I feel it impossible for this to be the case!

The reality is that every part of us, on every level, is being affected by universal energy changes that will create a ripple effect in our energy system.  Even if you know nothing about metaphysics, are atheist, or couldn’t care a less about evolution, you will still be affected by energetic changes that are being caused by nature trying to correct itself. Because ultimately, everything that exists, is an energy form within the universal energy field!

And whilst the energy changes may create destruction and chaos to the comfort zone ‘rut’ that we’ve anchored ourselves into, we have to remember that although we will have to find a way to cope with these changes as they manifest in our life, we also have to understand the reality of why they are happening.  Otherwise, we will simply revert to egotistical power play, and try to return our upheaval back to what we class as normal.  And thus create unnecessary delay and suffering for ourselves.

So, what is it all about?  And why does our world have to change? To be honest I’m not certain yet.  As whilst there is much speculation about spiritual growth and extra-terrestrial intervention and involvement, which I could buy into, nothing I’ve received intuitively yet has absolutely corroborated this viewpoint.

However, I do believe human nature has created a disruptive energy force that could become globally catastrophic if left to it’s own devices.  Meaning the nature of life, which has it’s own laws of existence, has now been forced to step in to correct and reverse this disruption, before any further irreversible damage can occur.

It might be useful to be more specific, by using an analogy.  So here goes, remembering this is just an analogy of how our situation might look, and not a scientific explanation of how a magnet works….!

Imagine a magnet, strong and pure in itself, where the energy inside has purpose, which we have chosen to use to pick up other metal! Now see what happens if you wiggle it about in a box that contains small, individual bits of old metal.  Eventually the pure magnet would be covered and hidden by these bits of old metal. And although it would still attract other bits of metal to it, it would become less efficient and maybe eventually, if the layer of metal bits became too thick, become fragmented and lose it’s magnetic force altogether. Now, because the individual metal bits had adsorbed it, the magnet has lost it’s power and thus can’t fulfil its purpose of picking up other metal!  However, if you pull off all the small, individual metal bits, the magnet returns to its strong, pure self and becomes fully functional once more, to resume its original purpose!

So, if we liken this to us, imagine we are like that magnet; a unit of pure energy (our soul) contained within a physical body, that is designed to function flexibly and co-operatively with universal energy, for whatever reason (we don’t really know yet do we?).  Now imagine us, with all of our attachments to other people, things, money, success, fame etc., and our fears and control issues that make us resistant to change.  These things are like the small, individual bits of metal stuck to the magnet.  They have created a thick layer around us and are draining our energy. Meaning we’ve fragmented and lost our ability to energetically function as we should!

So, nature has reacted, by creating action that will rebalance its problem – which is our malfunctioning energy, by pulling off our attachments (the bits of metal) because they are draining and distorting our soul power and purpose.  Thus eventually, when we are returned to a pure energetic state, just like the magnet we will become fully functional once again! But, unlike the magnet which is energetically flexible, there is a problem for us.

Our human personality (thick layer of metal bits) is fragile, and has no central soul strength (pure magnetic force). So once our attachments (small individual metal bits) become dislodged and start to fall away, it will cause chaos to our stability because we feel exposed, and thus vulnerable. Meaning we will start to panic and flounder unless we understand what is happening to us, and realise why our life is becoming so unpredictable and uncontrollable!

So briefly, this is what I believe! Historically we’ve created ourself to believe we’re something we’re not.  But we are living a lie! That’s why so many of us are not happy, fulfilled or content!  This is all due to our spiritual soul being hidden by the baggage we carry around with us, which we strive so hard to protect and hold on to, even though it disempowers our creative abilities!  And whilst there are many who dedicate their attention and time to soul-searching and spiritual growth, and find great personal support from their religious beliefs, we have to remember that universal energy has nothing to do with religion, creed, gender, or whether we’re good or bad, fat or thin, clever or not.  But has everything to do with the science of nature, which man cannot currently control!

This means that energetic influences , that will change our lives, cannot be stopped. And whilst we may feel imposed upon, leaving us without our comfort zone for a while, instead of reactively panicking because we are afraid of losing what we have, we must find a way to stand steady. Knowing our energy, our soul, is not being destroyed. But is being restored – for our own good, in order that we can survive!


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Well here we are, almost two weeks into January, and I have to keep reminding myself that as this year is the year I want to make ‘it’ happen, I’d better start doing something differently, else nothing will change!

I wondered if there are others out there, who like me, have realised that even though we’re nearly three weeks after christmas, and two weeks after the new positive life style was meant to have kicked in, nothing has actually changed – yet!Now this could be because the small changes I’m making will take time to show results. Or it could mean that whilst I think I’m making changes, actually I’m not!!

So I think this is a good time to reaffirm my good intentions for a new healthy lifestyle, which means walking more in the open air, cutting down portion sizes, saying ‘NO’ and meaning it, when chocolates left from Xmas start calling out to me to eat them.  And not listening to the voice in my head that tells me that if I drink the three bottles of wine in the cupboard, I won’t be tempted by them anymore!

It’s strange, and rather annoying how fickle we can be when it comes to self-discipline isn’t it? I mean if we really want something you’d think we would make a real effort to get it wouldn’t you?  However, if getting this thing, whatever it is, means giving up something that brings us some form of comfort, then it’s not uncommon that our comforter will win the decisive battle.

So whilst we may yearn to be slimmer and healthier, or be more adept at managing our negative habits, our impulsive behaviour, if not controlled, will always take us back to that place we’re trying to escape from!

Now if you do this thing i.e. forget previous good intentions for instant gratification, then beating yourself up won’t help you feel any better.  Nor will placating yourself, by telling yourself ‘You deserve it, go on have it, do it!’.  As the reality is you are not a bad person for falling off the wagon habit, nor are you stupid because you know you’re doing something you don’t really want to be doing!

I know it’s obvious, but the reality is, habits are habit-forming!  And the longer we’ve had the habit, the more we’ve used it to console our emotions, the harder it will be to change!  So I guess the answer is, when we’re trying to change our habits, we should also be looking at new tactics for dealing with our emotions.  Otherwise they will drive us back to past negative coping strategies won’t they!

When we try to change old habits, we set up an internal conflict situation which ensures our anxiety finds a way of becoming stronger. Often making us feel weaker because we don’t feel as good as we think we should!  And even though mentally, we know we’re making progress forward by being strong and resolved, our emotional prompts fool us into thinking ‘Just once more’ is okay, when it’s not.  As immediately we succumb to the habitual pressure, it’s the first step back to the habit we’re trying to escape from!

However, when dealing with ego-issues, I’ve found that if I give ‘IT’ a shape or personality that is separate from my fear of failure traits, then I’m more able to stand up and challenge it.

Let’s say you have a bad habit you want to change.  Hold that habit in your mind, then intuitively ask to see this habit presented in a physical form. I’m trying to lose weight, and when I asked to see my weight problem in physical form, I got an image of a large fruit cake.  When I asked what I need to do to stop eating the cake I suddenly saw loads of flies and maggots crawling over it.  My mind had automatically created an aversion technique that I could use, when I was tempted to overeat.  So now all I’ve got to do, in theory, is bring the image of the maggot ridden cake into my mind whenever I feel tempted by other food!

If your habit is presented in the image of a being of some sort, then you could give it a name that you dislike.  Then when you are tempted to break your habit you could recall the shape and name, and just tell it ‘Go away ??? I don’t need you any more!’, remembering your will is stronger than its.

So, remembering how quickly time flies, today just might be the day you need to remember, to remember to do things differently in the future, and break the hold of the habits of the past!

Good luck everyone!

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