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My decision to enter counsellor training in 1993 was one of the pivotal moments in my life, where my desire to help people in a professional way was catered to by the knowledge and awareness provided by a further four years of intensive psychological training, which became the centre-stone for additional development since. But it's my lifelong search for self-understanding and freedom from fear that has provided the greatest insight into the effective helping of others, where I discovered how once we challenge the limitation of decisions we consciously and unconsciously impose upon our existence, we manage our thoughts, emotions, impulses and life more productively. Working as a professional counsellor allowed me to develop my own ideas about the efficacy of various forms of helping, where I discovered that what worked to help some people did not work for others, and I needed to know why! This led me into the world of metaphysics and higher consciousness, where it became clear that we have a spiritual nature which desperately needs our attention! Our universal soul energy has been hidden away for too long, and now it's time for us to welcome universal assistance that is being given to us, which will help our soul rise into our conscious awareness. This means that once we are fully aligned with our spiritual self we can utilise the benefits of universal higher intelligence to help us create a better, healthier and happier world. We can become lost in our fear when vulnerability evokes the search to find someone who can help us, and teach us how to do things better. But when I needed metaphysical help many years ago, there was no one around who understood my psychological and spiritual needs, and who could guide me as I teetered on the thin line between sanity and insanity. It was agony for a long time, but the lack of support was the determinant to my career development, which ensured I trained in the areas that would enable me to help others whose soul had awakened and was beckoning them to identify their personal truth and real power. This is the service I now offer to others! Included in my professional qualifications...Doctorate in Metaphysical Counselling, Advance Diploma in Integrative Counselling (AEB.CSCT), Diploma in Eating Disorders(NCED). I am also an E.F.T. Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher (Usui). I understand life, emotions and the human mind and heart. I also understand the world of spirit and the evolving world we live in, not as a psychic medium who tells fortunes, or someone who preaches religion, but as someone who helps others understand the truth of why they feel as they do.

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