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Just after I published my previous post about breakdown, someone asked me to clarify the statement included below, so that is what this article today will be about. I would state beforehand, that I’m not writing as an expert on spiritual matters.  What I am doing is briefly relating what I’ve learned because of what happened to me….

“….Another cause of breakdown is when we seek entry into the spiritual realms, where our vulnerable consciousness is unprepared for the force of negative energy that we expose ourselves to, when we open our mind to the unknown spiritual forces that exist”….

I felt disillusioned that spirit was not all about love and light, as I’d believed. As my experiences showed a side of spirit I thought only existed in horror movies!  I won’t be describing those here. Only pointing out that once we start working with higher dimensions and higher consciousness, and enter into unknown spiritual realms that contain more species, good and bad, than we could possibly envisage, we can be propelled into mental experiences we are unprepared for!

Spirituality has many illogical aspects to it.  Such as miracles that happen, spiritual  beings that manifest to warn, help or heal us.  Even the fact we can communicate with dead people and entities, can be classed as unbelievable by those who doubt.  I’m not saying it’s wrong to doubt anything, as discernment is our saviour.  But humans are a composite form of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy.  Yet whilst we accept all other aspects, there is suspicion about our spiritual nature.  But why must it still be like this, when our spiritual nature can provide so much assistance to help us cope with physical life!

We can’t see our thoughts or painful emotions, yet we know they are real because we experience them, even if we don’t fully understand, accept or validate them.  This is what it’s like when we communicate with the spiritual world. We transmit and translate through our higher mind. So I guess this is the problem… communication is conducted intuitively through the mind, so has to be channelled, interpreted and passed on to others by the receiver.  So if we can’t see or hear what they do, how do we know they are telling the truth?

Charlatans are eager to take our money, and mediumship provides an easy way to do this because it’s individualistic, un-provable nature, can fool many.  So we have to be selective about where we place our trust regarding these matters. But what happens when we seek spiritual truth through our own higher mind.  And make contact with discarnate people, entities, angels, monsters etc., whose images fill our enquiring, yet fearful mind, stimulating fearful egotistical thoughts because we can’t seem to control what we see or think.  How do we decide what is true, what is real or imaginary? Because images extend beyond the logical parameters of tangibility, stimulating our fear responses, how do we know whether we are imagining these things, really communicating with higher intelligence, having a mental breakdown or simply going insane?

Our logical mind determines our truth and reality.  So if something doesn’t meet our criteria for being real, we question its existence. Often relying on views of other people to determine the validity of what we’ve seen, regardless of our feelings about it.  Because of ego influences, we often find it difficult to admit we’re wrong or different from others.  If others are unable to validate what we perceive, we may then go on to judge our perception as wrong, or visions imaginary, even if they’re not.  So there are those who hear, see or sense the spiritual world, but deny it because no-one else can see what they do.  This can lead the individual to believe they are hallucinating, terrorising them into the world of mental illness and all that it contains.  Whereas if their visions could be validated and accepted, they could find a way to work logically with them.

Once we start crying out to God for help, soul-searching, meditating, contacting our guides, channelling information etc., we open our mind beyond our logical parameters, and enter a dimensional reality that has different rules to the physical world.  We make contact with spiritual beings and higher dimensions through our higher consciousness.  We open our senses and our mind! We hear with our internal ears, we see through our inner eyes, and every physical sense is activated, as we prepare to feel any communication that proves we are being heard. Some people don’t see, but sense through the way they physically feel.  Others can hear. Some people can see, hear  and sense.  Whatever, the communication is conducted through the persons own mind, where most of the time no-one else sees the same images, hears the same voices or feels exactly the same, for the same reasons.

There are different ways we prove that communication is real.  A touch, a sound, a feeling.  So when we do find a way to ‘make contact’, and get proof that someone or something on the other side is responding, we naturally want to communicate more. So we reduce our protective nature, and allow our energy to become more sensitive. We open our mind and senses more, so we can gain access to more on other dimensions!  Where eventually, if we’re not careful, we start to feel ‘elation’ that we’re living in both worlds, thus without an anchor to keep us steady.

This is when we become most vulnerable, because we’re dealing with the unknown spiritual world, but allowed our logical mentality, which keeps us protected, to subside!  The problem is that not all beings on other dimensions are friendly and nice.  As some of them are distressed, angry or just plain psychopathic.  For some reason their soul has remained afloat after their physical departure, and although in the world of spirit, they’ve not received the healing they need, so still retain their physical personality and emotional defects. We believe, we trust, we fear! Thus, because we’ve opened our energy to the spiritual world, we’re like victims of slimy-handed pickpockets in a crowded market place, leaving our valuables on display to be stolen.

When working with higher consciousness, we have to learn that images are real on that level. That’s why visualisation therapy is so helpful – its reality enables us to create change, and expands our ability to manifest. But as we’re still working through our conscious mind, our egotistical fear, and unconscious mind are still in play.  Where as we explore higher dimensions, visions in the spiritual world can stimulate ego prompts that evoke fearful images and concepts from the conscious and unconscious mind, that become mingled  together. Meaning we have to understand that whilst visions in our mind may not be totally real, there are some elements that are, so we have to work out true reality!

Many people have been helped and reassured by spirit communication.  And although I’ve been helped so much over the years by loving guides, I didn’t understand the rules  of energetic world that connects everything to everything else. Most mediums I know have no real problems with the spiritual world.  And I honestly don’t know why I’ve had such a hard time.  I used protective techniques, I called upon my guides and God for help.  I did what I thought I had to do, in order to stop attracting negative energy and entities toward me.  I pray things are different now though, as whilst I feel compassion for lost souls who linger out there, my sanity is more important to me.  So whereas before I’d disregard how I felt and put their welfare first, by working with them to my detriment, if helping means compromising my energy, I will put myself first and run for safety!

I think it’s probably a good time to relate one experience here, which happened to me nearly twenty years ago.  And regardless of whether you choose to believe it, I can assure you that although I was depressed, I was not psychotic.  I was awake, it was not a dream or vision, but a real, tangible happening, that for some reason was to become just one of many that I had to learn to deal with and understand…

Laying in bed one night, feeling terribly depressed, just like many other nights I called out to God, begging… ‘Please help me.  Tell me who my guides are so I can call on them to help me.  Dear God, help me feel better!’.  Suddenly from just above me, to the right, I heard a ‘Whoosh’ sound, and saw a large hand emerge out of nowhere.  As the hand opened in the darkness of the room, I saw that it held a large white egg in its palm.  Though stunned, I felt elated!  God had finally heard my cries of despair and was giving me a gift. I reached out my hand and took the egg that was being offered to me.  I could feel its shell, but when I examined it more closely I saw two large holes in it. The hand and the egg disappeared. But as I lay contemplating this miraculous manifestation, I felt disappointed about the broken egg! ‘Why was it broken?’ I wondered, as I lay in bed, trying to come to terms with what I’d just experienced.  I pinched myself to make sure I was awake, and looked around the room to make sure I was still where I should be. Suddenly I felt something touching my breasts.  As I looked down in disbelief I could see and feel my flesh moving underneath my nightdress, as though hands were groping me.  But there was no other human in the room! As the groping became more intense I tried to move but couldn’t.  I didn’t know what to do, as I didn’t know what the hands would do to me next, and in sheer terror I screamed out loudly ‘Fuck off…leave me alone’, repeating it a few times before the groping finally stopped.  I didn’t sleep for a week after that!

Seems far-fetched doesn’t it.  Regardless, this happened to me!  I didn’t imagine it happened!

We live according to human rules, which we ignore or deviate from if we choose.  But when we enter into higher consciousness, there are strict energetic, universal laws that come into play, that will never change, regardless of how much we try to prise them one way or another.  The law of attraction dictates that like attract like, so needy people who seek solace through the spiritual world, will attract needy spiritual beings on other dimensions.  If you are angry, depressed, proud or whatever, when channelling you will most certainly draw spirits toward you that match your agenda.  This is no accident, as dealing with the troubled spirit allows healing and learning for both parties, according to the law of reaction which states ‘What you give you get!’.

When we do make contact with a spirit, and it tells us things, we should remember not to trust them until we get to know them better, and have proven their help is actually helpful to us.  As whilst there are beautiful guides available to help us, the spiritual world contains both light and dark entities, just like good and bad humans on earth.  Meaning there are some dark spirits out there who want to con us, because they want something from us.  Namely our energy!  Because when they can nestle like a parasite into our energy field, they can survive using our power.  Where eventually as they become stronger, they try to overtake our personality and live our life as their own.

You may think your guides will help, the angels will protect you.  But are you sure your guides are working for the highest good?  And are you experiencing your own feelings – or are you picking up on the feelings of an earthbound entity that has attached itself to you, because you’re feeling as bad as it, where like attracts like!

It’s a wonderful experience when we make contact with the energy of an angel, or higher spiritual guide.  Their sublime energy embraces you as you feel the warmth of their touch, or sense their presence, or  hear their words of comfort in your mind.  But it’s a different matter when you are touched by a dark entity, whose craftiness and despairing need clings on to your energy, sapping your strength and will.  The problem is, if you are already over-burdened, you may not even recognise the deepening depression, the extra-anxiety, the intensifying  feelings of heaviness on your shoulders.  You may think it’s just you!

If ever I’m in doubt, I close my eyes, put my attention to my mind, and say this out loud three times…

‘I ask my higher guides to remove all negative energy/entities from my energy system’.

I then try to sense energy rising upwards, from my body, leaving through the top of my head.  Try it whenever you feel low, see what you think!

We can choose to develop our sensitivity to such a level that we can feel other people’s pain.  We can hear their thoughts before they acknowledge them, we can sense what they are feeling and why, before even they are aware.  This is what happened to me a few years ago, where after working so hard to make myself more sensitive, my need for sanity meant I had to learn how to desensitize myself, because it didn’t feel good in any way. Opening our mind to higher consciousness means we’re able to see the truth of the world.  But we’re not used to this level of honesty and clarity, so as we try to make sense of our experiences, it can freak us out!

There are many who dismiss clairvoyance as ‘just imagination’, refusing to accept there is a spiritual reality at all. Simply because they cannot see, hear of feel what the medium can.  It’s for this reason that psychics have been classified as fraudulent, psychotic, insane, or simply having a vivid imagination.  But I am genuine and my experiences felt very real! Such as messages that proved correct, guidance that helped me and others.  Extraterrestrials who gave information about the birth of mankind and its development.  It also felt very real when I was sitting having a cup of tea one morning, when a native American guide manifested unexpectedly in front of me.  That was a total surprise I can tell you!  But these are the good things.

The bad elements also felt very real.  The aliens exiting from open vortices into our world, the hideous soul energy of murderers who still believe they have the right to harm others, the terrible pain of discarnate souls who committed suicide to find some peace, but are still earthbound.  The terror that rose in me during times I realised entities had firmly attached to me, that could drive me to the brink of insanity.  The worst of these times happened in 1987, 1996 and 2006.  Where the struggle to regain my personality after breakdown, felt very real I can assure you!

My experiences have proven the spiritual world is real to those who have opened their mind, consciousness and heart.  Images we see through our mind can be real or imagined – this is the predicament.  How do we know truth? I tried to conduct my spiritual behaviour according to my egotistical nature and its rules.  But it doesn’t work like that in the spiritual world! My energy was weak because I lacked self-confidence. I wanted to help them, but fear was so deeply ingrained within my personality that I made myself a target.

I hate it that I’ve had to experience the dark side of spirit.  I don’t feel a victim, as I know that whatever has occurred was for a valid reason. But when we lack experience, and are being fed energetically harmful information, our logical mind and physical personality can implode. Causing enormous overwhelm to our sanity, because we find it difficult to work out what is real and what isn’t any more!  Leading us to fear, with increasing terror, that we are losing our sanity, because we cannot control or stop the dark images, thoughts and feelings, that we have unwittingly welcomed into our personal energetic world!

I would clarify at this point that there are those who suffer mental health problems, for a variety of reasons, who are delusional and claim to have spiritual visitations. Where it’s vital they receive appropriate expert help.  And I accept that sometimes it’s difficult to determine if a person is unbalanced, authentically channelling information or just cold reading (as the experts call it).  My concern is, our soul energy is awakening to the call of natural evolution. Meaning we will all become more intuitive in the not too distant future.

But what will happen when your mind opens to other dimensions.  If you doubt spiritual reality, will you automatically assume the person who receives channelled guidance to be delusional, including you?  Because if so, you could hold yourself back by denying the crucial help you need! Or will you throw yourself in at the deep end, and just believe whatever you are told by beings you deem as having higher intelligence, when they have not?

This is the predicament mentioned earlier!  We live adult life according to what we were told as children.  We believed what we were told, even if it wasn’t true, because regardless, we thought ‘they’ knew better than us.  This is the same when we start to channel.  We believe spirit is good because that is what we’ve been told. We create new beliefs around our mediumship, and experience a new sense of power that we have another world at our disposal! It can make us feel very powerful, elated, in control, all-knowing and seeing.  It can also destroy our lives unless we close our mind, reject the images and allow our consciousness to come back to physical earth.  Then, next time we start communicating with other dimensions, once we’ve recovered our lucidity and trust we are sane, we will remain in control of our mind, take it more slowly and not believe every spirit is good, or knows best.

So we have to make up our own mind about what to believe, when we catch sight of dead people, angels, our guides and other entities.  And decipher whether our imagination is just running away with what we think we should be seeing, or even what we’re most afraid of seeing.  But maybe we need help to do just that!  What are your thoughts?


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I’ve always loved England and felt proud to be British, but now I feel that Britain has lost its identity because of crazy bureaucratic rules, dictated by residents of Whitehall. Who in their wisdom have decided British etiquette, religion, symbolism and heritage must be neutralised, in order to ‘fairly’ cater for the needs of people who choose to leave their own country and live in the UK, because they are financially better off here!

We are a small island with limited resources. Yet instead of selecting those who can contribute to the welfare and growth of our country, like many other countries do, our doors are open to allow unrestricted numbers of immigrants to enter. And whilst there are some who bravely come with the means to support their new life in the UK, there are many who come with nothing at all. But who, because of their plight and their ‘human rights’, are immediately supported by our social services, health, education and housing system. Yet whilst they arrive expecting to receive all of this assistance, have contributed nothing financially to deserve it! Doesn’t make sense to me, when our resources are so limited!

Now please don’t get me wrong here! I’m a compassionate person and am not condemning ALL immigration. And what I’m saying has absolutely nothing to do with racism, although it is about segregation! As whereas I used to feel a sense of belonging to a country that was mine, I now feel powerless within a system that makes me feel like I’m an outsider. Where I’m living in a country where my unmet needs have no priority, because there are not enough resources to cater for us all! And where instead of creatively building our lives and developing our future to cater for how we want it to be, many like myself are struggling on a daily basis, to survive within a culture that has now become financially unsafe, unstable, and maybe even untenable! Where optimism about regaining our personal power reduces as our financial debts increase, meaning dreams of prosperity, success and peace of mind get further diminished, as our worry and despair grows!

Our confidence is low, because we know there’s no-one we can trust to make our country better! Crazy isn’t it, when we’ve had years of past political experience to guide our future, which clearly shows what works to increase prosperity and well-being, and what doesn’t! Now I put my hands up and admit I know virtually nothing about government and politics! Which by the way, is how I want it to be! But I can’t understand why, when there are so many people living below the poverty line here, and so many vital services being abolished due to lack of funding, that our government continues to give millions of pounds away to other countries, and continues to allow uncontrolled immigration!

Isn’t there anyone in parliament who manages the housekeeping money, who says ‘We can’t give this to them now, because we’ve got to meet our own priorities and make sure we’ve got enough money to pay our own bills first!’? Because what I want to know is, when we do eventually run out of money and resources, who is going to come and rescue us?

Just like the rest of the world, our society has changed beyond recognition. But not for the better it seems! Money or lack of it has always been a problem, and as usual seems to be causing chaos in our lives now, as services that felt supportive to society are now reduced because there’s not enough money to maintain them! Crime increases, but there’s less risk of criminals being brought to justice because our prisons are full, thus penalties are reduced! So who says crime doesn’t pay? The kids are going power crazy, using reality games that teach them how to kill real people. Whilst unemployment means they can continue to exist in their fantasy world, feeding their gaming habit through their adult life! Where their sense of personal achievement is not gained through the constructive and creative way they manage their lives and contribute to society! But comes from them rising in position within the gaming fantasy world!

Many people are struggling to financially and physically survive, yet commodity companies demand more for their products – not to ensure a fair price, but to increase their billions pounds of annual profits.  There are more people in the U.K who need healthcare, we are living longer, there is a huge increase in smoking, drugs, obesity and alcohol related diseases. Yet hospitals are closing down, whilst those that do remain open are understaffed and under funded. And drugs that can cure us are being withheld, because they are too expensive for care trusts to buy!

We’re expected to pay more to use our roads, even though we pay road tax and tax on petrol.  Our food is full of sugar, causing a massive rise in obesity related problems. And is chemically treated so it can be stored for years, yet once reaching the shelf must be used within days. Planners consent to affordable houses being built, which though smaller are sold at a price far exceeding it’s worth, which is still beyond most first time buyers! And whereas some people are given social security money to live on, without working for it, others who are hard-working and in desperate need are deprived, because of their age or situation. And there’s more, which I won’t go into otherwise I’ll miss the whole point of writing this article – which is not about complaining, but is about realising that somehow, we as individuals, have to find a way to do things differently!

Is it any wonder that Britain is clouded in apathy and depression, with aggression caused by too little or too much personal power! And isn’t it strange how this ancient land has returned to the dark ages, where although government representatives insist on political correctness, they are in fact no better than the dictatorial witch-hunters who dominated our past!

There is so much disorientation at this time, even nature has become confused about when to grow and die, as flowers bud and insects come out in winter, when they should be resting.  It appears that nature itself is changing, so it’s no wonder we humans feel confused? As whilst we exist in the violence of repeating ages, there is a part of us that yearns to be safe and living in peace. We’re all struggling to be free. Free from limitations of the past and the present!

We’ve nothing to console ourselves with anymore as our dreams have been abandoned, lost in our own personal struggle to survive the bombardment of changes continuously imposed upon us in the name of democracy, but which actually constrict personal and financial resources, squeezing the life and soul out of Britain, it’s people and their souls! Our roots have gradually been cut off by the people we entrusted our country to. And whilst everything naturally has it’s own laws of existence to survive, there is now chaos amongst the one-sided rules which perpetuate the fire of  people power, against other people.  A war zone has been created by government policy, and if we carry on doing what we’re doing, we the people, will be the ones that pay the price; unless we take a closer look at other alternatives!

So what are we to do about all of this?  There is an energy of frustration and anxiety in Britain and other countries now, which can erupt or be converted in other ways to produce better results.  Certainly measures imposed upon us here mean we feel demoralised by our reduced power and validity. But what it’s also done is scare us into looking at our own needs and identify what’s really important to us!

I believe that Britain and the rest of the world are going through their own process of rebirth!  Now it’s up to the people to decide where we go from here – whatever colour, gender, creed or nationality they are.  As the decision needs to be made whether you are going to use your pent-up aggressive energy to fight others, where history repeats itself yet again by another war. Or you use your energy to change your mind about life, and bravely create a better personal space to live within, that is less dependant upon others.

Are you ready to step out of your fear mind into the power of compassion, love and light or not? For those who feel the way I do, who fear for the future of themselves, their children, their country and the world, the answer is clear.  Just say NO to your fear of change and loss, because although we are facing adversity, government bureaucracy does not rule this land – the higher intelligence of the Universe does, where ultimately nature will dictate our future!

Some of us naturally fight back, whilst others just carry on doing what they’re told to do, waiting! Waiting for someone or something to come along and make their life better! But don’t just give up because you feel overwhelmed! It’s your life and you are the only one who can live it!  Do what you have to do to fight back, not by using physical or verbal violence, but by challenging your fear about the things you are unhappy about.  Somehow you must find the confidence you have lost and bring it back into action, so ensuring you can meet your soul and life purpose. Otherwise what’s the point of being born in the first place?

We get worried by the increasing power our young people are displaying, but maybe that’s how they need to be to guarantee our survival. They live in an unsafe world, and are searching for ways to feel safe. However, they will not be dominated and pushed around as we previously have. They are not afraid of authority or rules as we were! Meaning we have the beginning of a new world in sight at last! So all we have to do is ensure we encourage our young creators to use their energy and power in positive constructive ways, and not continue with the win/lose battles of war used so commonly in the past.  We also need to use some of their powerful energy to help us reconstruct our lives in a different way, even if it does unnerve us as we separate from our past security blanket.

We sometimes think others lives are better than ours, but this is the ego at work! For if we could gain access to the centre of other people’s reality we would see they are as confused as us, but only in a different way.  Life experiences make us challenge our desires and decisions, meaning we can only feel our real power when we let go of fear in our mind and heart.  But as we each have our own soul pathway and life purpose, our life is based on choices we make.  We make good and bad choices, and we try to avoid choices because we fear the outcome.  The secret is to make choices which keep you safe, happy and well, not just those which keep you in your comfort zone!

Our creative power comes from one place – and that is the mind energy. Confidence is a feeling created by the positive mental attitude of our mind, where every thought carries a creative energy charge as it flows through our conscious mind. However, the dark energy has been given too much power by us because we persist in giving our attention to fear, where because like attracts like, dark energy will find it’s way to us.  If we call it, it will come!

However, if we all called upon the power of Universal Light, it’s presence in our lives would grow.  We would feel abundance in our life instead of lack, our health and morale would improve, our lives would be better – regardless of societal demoralization.

So whenever you feel afraid, affirm ‘I call upon the power of Universal Light to enter my life and heal my soul, my life, my pain, my fear and this world’.

You don’t have to believe initially, but if you use this strategy and see how life changes and improves, you will have proof that there is such a thing as Universal force, which is available to help you whenever you need it!

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