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Blogging about our pain and troubles is becoming increasingly popular.  We know how keeping a journal is a great way to safely express inner thoughts.  Thus blogging can be used therapeutically to release pent-up feelings!  However, I’ve found it interesting to observe that the more disturbing and painful our account, the more followers are likely to comment!

Meaning we feel encouraged to disclose more of our vulnerable, delicate, hidden self, to an invisible world filled with an array of other delicate, vulnerable personalities. Some of whom may have attributes we’d rather not make contact with!  And whilst the majority of bloggers may not be affected negatively by what people say about them, there are others who are, who feel minimised and upset because they’ve been criticised!

It appears that anonymity allows expression, where comments on our blog can make us feel supported and justified, giving us encouragement to blog more.  Or at times vilified, because someone has expressed a comment that is oppositional, offensive or cruel!   It’s funny how, even though we struggle to hide our secrets from the world, we are willing to disclose them to those we’ve never met, know nothing about, and who mean nothing personally to us!  Where as we read the comments from those who’ve responded to our blog, we give credence to them and allow ourselves to react to their remarks!

The blogging world is a jungle isn’t it really, where people are pushing to get a bigger profile, make an impact, make a difference to the world!  Our blog gives us an opportunity to be daring and bold, to share our ideas and to speak our truth.  But I guess we should always remember that not everyone shares our viewpoint!  As not everyone has good intentions and wants to help the world do they?  And there are a lot of people out there, who see pain in others as a weakness they can overpower, by cruel words or actions.  Where others admitting their weakness, will make them feel strong and powerful as they sit at their power machine, namely their computer, and write their abusive remarks.

Fortunately I’ve not had abusive comments on my posts, yet!  But I know others who have been upset by remarks made by others.  They cannot understand what they have done to make others say such nasty things to them!  So whilst blogging about our issues, we should remember that blogging is just a forum for us to express ourselves! And whilst it can be helpful, it is not a court of judgement that deems us right, wrong, good or bad.  So when we post something about ourselves, where we expose our hidden self, we must realise that people will naturally formulate an opinion of us and what we’ve said.

Sometimes people will be prompted to respond to our blog in their way, which is not in favour of ours! And if we are upset or offended by someone’s comment, instead of letting it hurt our already fragile personality and confidence, we should see it as an opportunity, to use our power of choice to determine whether we want to take the comment on board, or dismiss it as nonsense!

We know ourselves better than anyone else can.  We know what hurts, what we need, what we like and dislike.  The problem is, we’re not always aware of what we know.  So when we face disputes of opinion, as we evaluate the truth of the matter, we can use it as an opportunity to discover more about who we are! Thus we turn a negative event into a positive outcome!

Having an opportunity to share our pain is important to everyone, as it helps us cope with our unpredictable life! But when you feel alone and scared about what’s happening in your life, and you share your troubles with the blogging world because there’s no-one else you can turn to for advice and support, please remember that whilst blogging is helpful to some extent, rather than isolating yourself long-term, there are other beneficial ways to express ourselves. But this means we have to talk to real people, out there in the real world, that is so scary such a lot of the time!

There is a beautiful, albeit chaotic world outside the computer, that needs your attention and help! There are people out there who care about what happens to you!  But if you hide yourself and your troubles away behind the screen, no one will recognise the real you.  No one will see how strong and creative you are!  No one will be able to hold you and comfort you, and remind you that you are a beautiful person – because they know you!  They’ve seen the real you!  They’ve shared some of your pain!  And they live in the real world – with you!

I haven’t got a clue as to why I’ve written on this topic today.  I don’t even know what the real point is about this post to be honest, other than ‘don’t be alone with your pain’. I was going to write about sharing pain, but not in this way!  However, I’m  going to go with the flow and publish this post, hoping somehow my words will help someone out there!


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