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It’s easy to believe that our life, and all that it consists, is all that there is for us!

Our individual experiences, challenges, hurts and pleasures make up an existence that we accept as being normal, and become engrossed with…as we face one hurdle after another.  Stopping, starting, faltering, rising and falling, as we attend to, or try to ignore our thoughts and emotional prompts, that attempt to force us into unknown territories we have no concept of. Yet have to visit, in our search for happiness, success and peace of mind!

It’s no wonder we want to find a way to stop our confused suffering!  Many seekers are asking…’When will this all end…?’.

But who would’ve believed that we would find ourselves in the position we are today…?  As whilst many have been avidly searching for ways to find spiritual enlightenment, freedom from fear, increased connection to God energy, believing that their life would become dramatically improved once they have mastered these many skills, it’s emerged that so far, the things we’ve done in the past to improve ourselves and understanding of life, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg…!

As whilst we’ve been focused on letting go of our individual past conditioning, that supports our fears and bad habits, I don’t think we realised just how B..I..G our search was going to be!

Whilst so many people have bravely accepted the challenge to change who they are, and have been dedicated in their quest for self-improvement and soul expansion, there are still many areas of life that have been neglected, because we never realised they existed!  And whilst we believed that our ultimate aim was to conquer ourselves, it’s slowly emerging that our true purpose is so much more than that…!


AND – does this mean I’ve got to KEEP suffering?…!!

Well the simple answer is ‘NO’ to both questions!  However, whilst we believed our remedial actions were leading us to a specific resolution, namely we would feel happier and more content once we reached a certain point of self-achievement, the true purpose for our existence is only just becoming apparent.  As our purpose for being alive at this time is to not only change ourselves, but to also….CHANGE THE WORLD!!

And as we well know, that takes time…!

OMG – not more of that crap!!  Isn’t that what we’ve been doing anyway?’……..Yes…I can hear you!!

We knew didn’t we, that changing ourselves would make a difference to the whole!  We recognised that confronting our own limitations would lead others to do the same, creating a ripple effect that would increase as we grew in self-knowledge, self-power and most importantly, self-control!  And just to reassure you, nothing associated to these changes has been wasted…everything has been purposeful!

So what I’m saying is that whilst we may have planned our evolutionary journey, say from A to Z (because that is the alphabet we know); and we measure our progress by feeling somewhere in-between A and Z…. what if ‘Z’ was not the true end point…?  What if, instead of being a twenty-six lettered alphabet, there were more letters for us to learn…say another thirty, sixty, or even a million or more letters we knew nothing about, but nevertheless still existed as part of the alphabet? Where would we be then…?

I believe that is the position we are in now – where we’ve progressively worked our way through various restrictive, damaging elements in our life – that we knew about.  Not that we’ve overcome them all, I have to add – simply that we’ve become aware of them, and so can find a way of positively managing them so they fail to hinder our existence as much!

Consequently, because of our evolutionary progression and position, we are facing the gradual emergence of unknown energetic aspects of life, that we effect and are affected by. But whereas hurtling into the unknown would have thrown us into chaos a while back, now, because we’ve been working on ourselves to control our reactive nature, we will have the skills to stand steady as the new future emerges and shows us what we need to do next!

Facing the unknown can make us scared…but when we realise that we don’t have to plan, manipulate or protect our future, we’re more likely to be able to just…GO-WITH-THE-FLOW!

And maybe that’s what we’ve been preparing for…to be able to…LET-GO… of the need to control and cajole people, things, situations, in order to placate our own needs.  And to allow ourselves to remain in trust; confident in our knowledge that we are protected, as we are being guided. Knowing that if we do fall, we can quickly and easily rise again, because we haven’t been crushed into shattered pieces!

There is a rationale to life that although has always been there, we’ve not seen, simply because we could not comprehend it.  We’ve been fighting the War Of Ego, where our minds were locked into regions that were within the parameters of human existence, and our limited understanding of what life meant.

But whilst we thought our search for resolution meant simply freeing ourselves from ego limitations, we’ve limited our potential for growth, because we’re still working toward control of something!  And, just like the possibility of the extended alphabet, we only knew what we thought we knew! But there is more to come yet…and even though we don’t know what it involves yet, I believe there is an end purpose that is more beneficial to us than we could possibly imagine!

The world is a wonderful place to be at this time, because we have the opportunity to experience change never seen or experienced before.  We have a chance to see things put right that were wrong.  To see the sick healed!  To witness the birth of a new nation of children that will evolve into mighty warriors that will protect nature’s gifts to our world!

We are here to see all this.  We are the creators of all of this.  We have the right to become the new people.  People who can love each other without prejudice.  People who care about how others hurt!  People who place peace of mind and heart above the need for materialistic toys.

But the real benefit, the real gift of being alive at this time is that we get to see it all emerge – the future we never knew about.  The elements of life we’ve yearned to experience, that were always there in the background, waiting for the right time to show themselves to us.  Waiting until the time came, when we could control our reactions enough, to not destroy what we did not understand…!


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Life brings challenges in all forms, that we have to somehow find a way to cope with. But it’s not always easy.  And when we lose our positive/negative balance in life, it’s not uncommon for feelings of hope and optimism to become overwhelmed by feelings of frustration and despair, that increase our fears about the future.

Our mind is filled with ways to protect ourself because we’ve lived a reality that’s governed by oppression, repression and suppression.  Yet we yearn to be free!  We yearn for the freedom to have what we want, do what makes us happy, and to feel a peace inside that lets us know that all is well in our world, and that we’re okay, even though turbulence is all around us!

Historically our existence has been structured around the search to achieve something that’s missing from our life, leading us to embark on a quest to satisfy the void we feel internally. However, whilst in the past we’ve nominated something or someone to fix our disquiet, we’re now starting to realise that our empty internal space can’t always be consoled by factors that make us feel financially secure or physically acceptable!

So although we still seek ways to survive our negative feelings, we’re now looking for something different, something that money can’t buy.  Now we’re looking for ways to feel complete!!

It’s still unclear whether this completeness comes from simply being in control of ourselves! Regardless, we must allow ourselves to challenge how we think. As whilst we continue to allow ego to determine our logic, we will be led back into the old way of life that is self-destructive, because it’s governed by our illogical need to avoid fear!

Humans are creative, energetic beings. So when we worry and no resolution is apparent, anxiety drives us to focus on what we don’t have or what we can’t do. Thus, when we face problems, unless we learn to monitor and control our thinking, we can find ourselves locked into feelings of powerlessness that cause us to stagnate in frustration, anxiety and anger….

Creating even more problems, because we’re fighting a battle that can’t be won, simply because we don’t understand the creative, but sometimes destructive power we have access to!

The clarity of our intuitive mind has become dulled by our need to be in control.  We need to feel safe, so we do what we must to ensure this, by being on constant mental alert so we can fix anything that takes us outside of our personal comfort zone!  However, this way of operating means our mind is filled with chaotic, conflicting messages that evoke fearful emotions, that in turn promote fear-filled thinking.

In other words, our mind is a tangled web of self-deceit, that we have created because we are afraid of everything!

Many like myself, believe that when we are fully aligned with the universe and our spiritual Self is firing on all levels, we will become authentically whole. And so can utilise the full force of our creative nature to manifest what we need, simply by thinking about it! The problem is, we have evolved within an erroneous logic, where what we believe as true, may prove to be false and vice versa!

We don’t really understand our energy or power yet. But we know we have a battleground in our mind, where every emotion has dominating thoughts associated to it, that can affect us negatively or positively, depending on how we mentally and emotionally react to the way we feel.  So it’s already clear that when we are in distress, our mind can become overloaded with reactive thoughts we struggle to control or understand!

And to make matters worse, our ego personality is not a singular unit. It has many aspects we’ve created over lifetimes, each with a voice that distorts our judgement by making us feel that we’re better or worse than others, that we’re a loser or a winner when we’re not, and we are more or less than we should be!

However, once we enter a dimensional reality that opposes our ego-logical mind, our rules of existence are challenged by the intangibility of spiritual reality, meaning the logic that has kept us safe collapses, and so does our ego-personality, causing us to flounder in the depths of the unknown! But even though we are in the throes of evolution, which will eventually change our world – for the better we hope, we are unprepared for this process!

The information we receive in our mind comes in the form of thoughts and images, which we interpret according to our understanding of life.  The problem is, we can’t correctly interpret  information we receive intuitively, until we learn to differentiate information from our logical mind, our egotistical personalities, entity attachments, or wisdom from higher spiritual sources.

But as spiritual intangibility conflicts with our logic, once our mind opens to higher consciousness and we become more ‘psychic’, the battle in our mind will increase.  As there will be more voices, thoughts, influences and images flitting through our mind, that we will have to process mentally! Therefore, as we evolve into higher consciousness, our real problem then becomes how to identify what voice in our head is speaking the truth.

Where trying to make sense of the logical and spiritual worlds as they merge, can send our mind reeling, as we struggle to comprehend unfamiliar mental experiences and cope with physical energetic changes!

However, one thing is for certain….

Because we have entered a stage of evolution that affects us physically, mentally and emotionally, it’s impossible for us to carry on as we are spiritually!

And whilst we may resist anything that causes a disruptive influence to our comfort zones, changes in universal energy are purposefully designed to implement energetic healing that will restore, repair and regenerate earth energy. A natural phenomenon, that whilst causing chaos and destruction to our historical and habitual existence, will nevertheless bring balance to an imbalanced situation called LIFE!

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Meditation is a great tool for helping us relax, find peace in our mind and hearts, and transcend the physical world.  However, there are many different ways to use meditation, and many different meditative states. But how can we meditate when we feel so anxious?

If we’re just starting out it helps if we can identify how we can use meditation to meet our current needs!  So this article is for those who suffer from anxiety, and don’t know how to best use meditation therapeutically.

When we suffer from anxiety, because our fear-based mind processing controls our future, our mind can feel like it is in control of us!  The blend of anxious thoughts perpetuate anxious emotions, which can propel our fear-based fight and flight response, which activates even more fear and anxiety thoughts.  This process then becomes habitual, where it feels as though our life is lived on a roller-coaster of high/low anxiety states, that overtake our creativity, and often leaves us exhausted.

It is this exhaustion that can be most helped by using meditation to calm our thoughts.  But if you’ve never attempted meditation before, or failed to be able to use it with good results in the past, then rather than giving it up as a bad job, it may help to understand how to best work with meditation, whilst we are anxious.

Step 1 – Why Meditate?

The first step for anxiety meditation is to understand why you are doing it!  So, if you are overwhelmed by anxiety, the reason you would use meditation would be to calm your mind.  But if you’ve got loads of anxious thoughts entangled in your mind, how can you feel calm?  So you need to understand what happens when we meditate, when we are highly anxious.

Step 2 – Understanding The Process!

When we are anxious, our mind is filled with ever-increasing, provoking, reactive thoughts, that stimulate our reactive behaviour – whatever that may be. Including anything we use to make ourselves feel better, that helps our attention escape from our mind, emotions and problems.  However, if you’re sitting quietly, trying not to think anxious thoughts, the first thing that will happen is that a flood of anxious thoughts will automatically and naturally rise, and fill the empty space that has just appeared in your mind.  This is simply your mind feeding your habitual anxiety thinking, and is nothing to be alarmed about. Although distressing, it is still a process, that we can learn to manage, that will make life so much easier! We just have to learn how to become the observer of our own energy!

Step 3 – Watching The Energy Release!

So, whilst you are sitting quietly, and the anxious thoughts have started to pour into your mind, instead of catching the thoughts, thinking about and analysing them, thus feeding the habit which will increase your anxiety, there is something else you can do with them! As however distressing the thoughts may be, when you recognise that internal pressure created from the thoughts in your mind is just ENERGY, you have the power to release it, and thus feel less anxious and exhausted!

This energy release is accomplished by using the space that meditation provides, to facilitate our ability to conceptualise  energy in a tangible form, which we can consciously and deliberately manipulate to best suit our needs, by the use of visualisation.

If you doubt your ability to visualise, imagine this now… See yourself holding  a couple of red balloons on a long string.  Are they large, small? See them bounce in the breeze.  Then let them go, as you watch the balloons drift away in the sky!  Anyone can visualise – as whilst you may not actually see through your eyes, you just have to allow yourself to imagine in your mind’s eye!  You do it all the time – that’s why you get so anxious!  You believe what you think is real – so use this approach when working with energy!

There are a couple of methods I find really helpful, which involve using visualisation.  Here is one of them….

Method 1

*Whilst we can work this way with any part of our body, this example is based on the pressure in our mind.

Feel the tension in your head (or any other part of your body). Imagine the bombardment of thoughts in your mind as an energy form, say something like a grey or black cloud.

You have the intention of releasing this energy, so keep your focus on the cloud – not on the contents of your thoughts.

As you see the cloud of anxious thoughts in your mind’s eye, see it as a stream of energy that has a beginning and end, rather than a cloud shape.   Although you may be able to see the wispy beginning of the stream, you probably won’t be able to see the end yet – it will be too dense!

The beginning of this energy needs to find the nearest exit point, to be able to leave your energy system.  This can be through your mouth or through the top of your head – the crown chakra point, or other chakra points.  Identify which exit route your dark energy naturally flows toward, then mentally watch as the stream of dark energy starts to move away from your mind, through the exit point, out into the universe where it can be transmuted and healed. If you have problems identifying an exit point, simply direct the energy to the top of your head and use that one!

As you sit quietly, acknowledge the increasing anxiety thoughts that rise, keeping your focus and attention on the stream of dark energy exiting your mind, watching it flow, slowly, quickly, until the river of dark energy comes to an end. Where as the end of the river disappears from view, you know by the way you feel that the healing has been completed for that time.  If more anxious thoughts start to rise, repeat the process of anxious energy release.

How Much Time Will It Take?

You can choose to allow a specific amount of time to work with your energy, or give it as much time as it needs to be released from your system.  It can take just a few minutes to bring enormous relief, once we’ve developed the ability to focus our mind clearly and explicitly! However, when I first devised this method of working, it wasn’t uncommon for me to sit for a couple of hours, as I learned how to work with my energy, and feel the benefit of negative energy release. Until gradually, instead of using meditation for anxiety release, I was able to insert another purpose, governed by my needs at the time. Always remember though – you are in control of it!!


Meditation practice involves allowing our mind (or consciousness) to roam free.  However, when anxious, depressed, paranoid, or in any other heightened state of emotion, it’s not a good idea to expose ourself by jumping in at the deep end this way, whilst we’re working with spiritual or universal  energy.  Maintaining focus on our intent, by using visualisation, helps keep us on track to self-healing, and keeps us safe.

To increase our protection, it’s also wise to image ourselves wrapped in white energy, whilst working with the unfamiliar aspects of universal consciousness.

Meditation is a wonderful tool, that serves so many purposes.  So when we ask ‘How Can We Meditate When We Feel So Anxious?’ if we remember to start slowly, with the purpose of releasing toxic energy from our energy system, we can gently learn how to allow ourselves to find the peace and tranquility we yearn for.

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I’ve always loved England and felt proud to be British, but now I feel that Britain has lost its identity because of crazy bureaucratic rules, dictated by residents of Whitehall. Who in their wisdom have decided British etiquette, religion, symbolism and heritage must be neutralised, in order to ‘fairly’ cater for the needs of people who choose to leave their own country and live in the UK, because they are financially better off here!

We are a small island with limited resources. Yet instead of selecting those who can contribute to the welfare and growth of our country, like many other countries do, our doors are open to allow unrestricted numbers of immigrants to enter. And whilst there are some who bravely come with the means to support their new life in the UK, there are many who come with nothing at all. But who, because of their plight and their ‘human rights’, are immediately supported by our social services, health, education and housing system. Yet whilst they arrive expecting to receive all of this assistance, have contributed nothing financially to deserve it! Doesn’t make sense to me, when our resources are so limited!

Now please don’t get me wrong here! I’m a compassionate person and am not condemning ALL immigration. And what I’m saying has absolutely nothing to do with racism, although it is about segregation! As whereas I used to feel a sense of belonging to a country that was mine, I now feel powerless within a system that makes me feel like I’m an outsider. Where I’m living in a country where my unmet needs have no priority, because there are not enough resources to cater for us all! And where instead of creatively building our lives and developing our future to cater for how we want it to be, many like myself are struggling on a daily basis, to survive within a culture that has now become financially unsafe, unstable, and maybe even untenable! Where optimism about regaining our personal power reduces as our financial debts increase, meaning dreams of prosperity, success and peace of mind get further diminished, as our worry and despair grows!

Our confidence is low, because we know there’s no-one we can trust to make our country better! Crazy isn’t it, when we’ve had years of past political experience to guide our future, which clearly shows what works to increase prosperity and well-being, and what doesn’t! Now I put my hands up and admit I know virtually nothing about government and politics! Which by the way, is how I want it to be! But I can’t understand why, when there are so many people living below the poverty line here, and so many vital services being abolished due to lack of funding, that our government continues to give millions of pounds away to other countries, and continues to allow uncontrolled immigration!

Isn’t there anyone in parliament who manages the housekeeping money, who says ‘We can’t give this to them now, because we’ve got to meet our own priorities and make sure we’ve got enough money to pay our own bills first!’? Because what I want to know is, when we do eventually run out of money and resources, who is going to come and rescue us?

Just like the rest of the world, our society has changed beyond recognition. But not for the better it seems! Money or lack of it has always been a problem, and as usual seems to be causing chaos in our lives now, as services that felt supportive to society are now reduced because there’s not enough money to maintain them! Crime increases, but there’s less risk of criminals being brought to justice because our prisons are full, thus penalties are reduced! So who says crime doesn’t pay? The kids are going power crazy, using reality games that teach them how to kill real people. Whilst unemployment means they can continue to exist in their fantasy world, feeding their gaming habit through their adult life! Where their sense of personal achievement is not gained through the constructive and creative way they manage their lives and contribute to society! But comes from them rising in position within the gaming fantasy world!

Many people are struggling to financially and physically survive, yet commodity companies demand more for their products – not to ensure a fair price, but to increase their billions pounds of annual profits.  There are more people in the U.K who need healthcare, we are living longer, there is a huge increase in smoking, drugs, obesity and alcohol related diseases. Yet hospitals are closing down, whilst those that do remain open are understaffed and under funded. And drugs that can cure us are being withheld, because they are too expensive for care trusts to buy!

We’re expected to pay more to use our roads, even though we pay road tax and tax on petrol.  Our food is full of sugar, causing a massive rise in obesity related problems. And is chemically treated so it can be stored for years, yet once reaching the shelf must be used within days. Planners consent to affordable houses being built, which though smaller are sold at a price far exceeding it’s worth, which is still beyond most first time buyers! And whereas some people are given social security money to live on, without working for it, others who are hard-working and in desperate need are deprived, because of their age or situation. And there’s more, which I won’t go into otherwise I’ll miss the whole point of writing this article – which is not about complaining, but is about realising that somehow, we as individuals, have to find a way to do things differently!

Is it any wonder that Britain is clouded in apathy and depression, with aggression caused by too little or too much personal power! And isn’t it strange how this ancient land has returned to the dark ages, where although government representatives insist on political correctness, they are in fact no better than the dictatorial witch-hunters who dominated our past!

There is so much disorientation at this time, even nature has become confused about when to grow and die, as flowers bud and insects come out in winter, when they should be resting.  It appears that nature itself is changing, so it’s no wonder we humans feel confused? As whilst we exist in the violence of repeating ages, there is a part of us that yearns to be safe and living in peace. We’re all struggling to be free. Free from limitations of the past and the present!

We’ve nothing to console ourselves with anymore as our dreams have been abandoned, lost in our own personal struggle to survive the bombardment of changes continuously imposed upon us in the name of democracy, but which actually constrict personal and financial resources, squeezing the life and soul out of Britain, it’s people and their souls! Our roots have gradually been cut off by the people we entrusted our country to. And whilst everything naturally has it’s own laws of existence to survive, there is now chaos amongst the one-sided rules which perpetuate the fire of  people power, against other people.  A war zone has been created by government policy, and if we carry on doing what we’re doing, we the people, will be the ones that pay the price; unless we take a closer look at other alternatives!

So what are we to do about all of this?  There is an energy of frustration and anxiety in Britain and other countries now, which can erupt or be converted in other ways to produce better results.  Certainly measures imposed upon us here mean we feel demoralised by our reduced power and validity. But what it’s also done is scare us into looking at our own needs and identify what’s really important to us!

I believe that Britain and the rest of the world are going through their own process of rebirth!  Now it’s up to the people to decide where we go from here – whatever colour, gender, creed or nationality they are.  As the decision needs to be made whether you are going to use your pent-up aggressive energy to fight others, where history repeats itself yet again by another war. Or you use your energy to change your mind about life, and bravely create a better personal space to live within, that is less dependant upon others.

Are you ready to step out of your fear mind into the power of compassion, love and light or not? For those who feel the way I do, who fear for the future of themselves, their children, their country and the world, the answer is clear.  Just say NO to your fear of change and loss, because although we are facing adversity, government bureaucracy does not rule this land – the higher intelligence of the Universe does, where ultimately nature will dictate our future!

Some of us naturally fight back, whilst others just carry on doing what they’re told to do, waiting! Waiting for someone or something to come along and make their life better! But don’t just give up because you feel overwhelmed! It’s your life and you are the only one who can live it!  Do what you have to do to fight back, not by using physical or verbal violence, but by challenging your fear about the things you are unhappy about.  Somehow you must find the confidence you have lost and bring it back into action, so ensuring you can meet your soul and life purpose. Otherwise what’s the point of being born in the first place?

We get worried by the increasing power our young people are displaying, but maybe that’s how they need to be to guarantee our survival. They live in an unsafe world, and are searching for ways to feel safe. However, they will not be dominated and pushed around as we previously have. They are not afraid of authority or rules as we were! Meaning we have the beginning of a new world in sight at last! So all we have to do is ensure we encourage our young creators to use their energy and power in positive constructive ways, and not continue with the win/lose battles of war used so commonly in the past.  We also need to use some of their powerful energy to help us reconstruct our lives in a different way, even if it does unnerve us as we separate from our past security blanket.

We sometimes think others lives are better than ours, but this is the ego at work! For if we could gain access to the centre of other people’s reality we would see they are as confused as us, but only in a different way.  Life experiences make us challenge our desires and decisions, meaning we can only feel our real power when we let go of fear in our mind and heart.  But as we each have our own soul pathway and life purpose, our life is based on choices we make.  We make good and bad choices, and we try to avoid choices because we fear the outcome.  The secret is to make choices which keep you safe, happy and well, not just those which keep you in your comfort zone!

Our creative power comes from one place – and that is the mind energy. Confidence is a feeling created by the positive mental attitude of our mind, where every thought carries a creative energy charge as it flows through our conscious mind. However, the dark energy has been given too much power by us because we persist in giving our attention to fear, where because like attracts like, dark energy will find it’s way to us.  If we call it, it will come!

However, if we all called upon the power of Universal Light, it’s presence in our lives would grow.  We would feel abundance in our life instead of lack, our health and morale would improve, our lives would be better – regardless of societal demoralization.

So whenever you feel afraid, affirm ‘I call upon the power of Universal Light to enter my life and heal my soul, my life, my pain, my fear and this world’.

You don’t have to believe initially, but if you use this strategy and see how life changes and improves, you will have proof that there is such a thing as Universal force, which is available to help you whenever you need it!

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