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It’s been a challenging year for many…myself included…and I do wonder, at times, whether life will ever improve, get easier, or be any different from the past!

However, 2014 fast approaches, and the omens are positive – although I’ve come to believe that nothing in life is easy…there’s always a price to pay for our apathy, avoidance, idleness etc., so I still feel a little apprehensive about throwing off the past and being able to start anew.

But imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have any baggage to carry around with us…if our hearts felt free, and our minds were trusting and calm – instead of fearfully dreading the next ‘What if….’ event!

Just like you, I want to feel calm, happy, free and joy-filled…I’m just not sure how to make it happen!  But this state of mind does not occur on it’s own – we have to make it happen, want it, work toward it…!  In other words, regardless of how bad we feel, we have to create the state of being that we want to exist within…!  Which is hard to do when overwhelmed with life, circumstances, and how you feel!

So for now, I just want to send everyone my good wishes for a happy xmas, and also prayers of gratitude to the guides, spirits and souls who have helped me on my journey so far!

Regardless of how you feel at this moment, what you are doing over xmas, who or what you have lost this year, just remember God’s love and light is shining upon you now…all of us…whether you believe it or not…!  And that the shining light of love is helping and healing us and our lives, so we can move into an era of new beginnings…where we may someday exist within a world that is filled with compassion and love!

So let 2014 be the year we see and feel God’s light – that may have felt elusive in the past!  Let 2014 be the start of the good times!!

With every new beginning comes new opportunities to find what we’re seeking, to become who we yearn to be…to discover our hidden powers of creativity, and to live with hope in our hearts!  Let 2014 open the doors of possibilities that have been closed for too long – and let each of us find a way to let go of our comfort zone, and walk along the new pathways that take us to better places than our past!

For this I give thanks – and so it is done…!


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Guidance I received today that may also help you….

Fear not for the future, for it is good! Your own health will improve, once your focus is placed on your own needs and necessities.

Time is a great healer.  It is a teacher too!  It lets us know what to do for the best and what never to attempt again.  It helps us cross the barriers created by our mind.  Time lets us see what life has to offer us.

There is still time for you to live.  Time to rediscover and fulfil your dreams.

Time to learn that, actually there is NO TIME…just a flow of energy that you can choose to flow with or not!

Life is simplicity itself…It’s only the mind that makes us upset!

Go in peace with your loved ones!

Simple truths eh! Have a great day!

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